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In real life and in video games, we all like racing automobiles. Playing racing video games is a better option because racing in real life may be risky and against the law. Popular Codemasters game Toybox Turbos allows players to race as often as they like without any limitations.

Players will be able to modify their preferred vehicles and compete against other players in races. To play without bugs, be sure to keep the game updated at all times.

How does Toybox Turbos work?

Players in Toybox Turbos will have incredible power-ups and cards to destroy all of their foes in this retro tabletop racing game. The game was published on November 11, 2014, and since then, it has received mostly favourable reviews.

The video game was created by Codemasters and released by Electronic Arts and Codemasters. The game is extremely enjoyable to play since players may always play it in single-player mode with full controller support.


Players must first find an automobile for themselves in order to compete in races. The intensity of the races will keep increasing as players advance in the game, and they will encounter opponents with superior driving skills.

One of the reasons the gaming feels amazing is because players will need to make sure they constantly update the game. As you update the automobile to make it quicker and more efficient, be careful to gather as many coins as you can. The Toybox Turbos power-up upgrades unquestionably significantly alter the gameplay.

Features of Toybox Turbos 

A game called Toybox Turbos has been available on the market for a while, yet someway it has managed to remain popular. The game’s fantastic features are mostly to blame for this. Listed here are a handful of the game Toybox Turbos’ greatest attributes.


Multiple Game Modes 

The game Toybox Turbos is renowned for its six distinct playing modes. In order to choose which one they enjoy playing the best, players must play all of them and become experts in each one separately.

Different Vehicles on offer 

There are 35 distinct cars in the game Toybox Turbos that players may select from. Players may always select the car they prefer and then enhance it as needed because each vehicle in this game is unique.

Full Controller Support 

Players will have complete controller compatibility in this game, allowing them to plug in a controller and play the game anyway they wish without any limitations. The controller installation won’t call for any further software.

Low System requirements 

The game will need 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB of storage because the game’s creators took care to limit the system requirements to a minimum.

If you enjoy playing racing video games but haven’t tried Toybox Turbos, you should think about doing so. On the Steam platform, you may play the game’s upgraded version.


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NameToybox Turbos
Initial Release Date12 November 2014
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
PublisherElectronic Arts, Codemasters
ModMultiplayer video game
GenresRacing Video Game, Racing
CategoryPC Games >Racing