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One of the most popular pastimes for gamers worldwide is playing future sci-fi games. Games with a futuristic theme have undoubtedly become more and more popular. Here, we’ll discuss the video game The Universim, in which players may start administering their planet and guiding its civilisation through the aeons right away. Direct download and play of the game are now possible through the Steam platform.

What is The Universim about? 

The game The Universim entered the market in August 2018 and was made accessible on the Steam platform. Since its debut, the game, which was created and distributed by Crytivo, has garnered mostly favourable reviews.

Because the game’s creators intended it to be accessible worldwide, 10 different languages were supported when it was published. The fact that the game can be played solo is what keeps players coming back for more.


Players in the game will create the ultimate empire in The Universim, a brand-new type of God Game. The main objective of players in the game is to assume the role of God and attempt to create a stunning society that operates well.

To ensure that the players have a bug-free gaming experience, the game’s creators have continuously updated the game. The game was created using the greatest technology available, and a patch update was made to improve it over time.

Features of The Universim 

The game The Universim has been around for a while, and throughout this time it has undoubtedly established a reputation for itself in the gaming world. All of the elements that the game offers are what make it so popular. Listed here are a handful of the game’s greatest attributes.


Multiple OS support 

The Universim is a game that can be played on Windows, macOS, and Steam + Linux since its creators sought to keep it as adaptable as possible. The game’s makers have also reduced the system requirements to a minimum.

Open World Game 

The open-world environment of this game will allow players to move about freely and without any form of constraints. In the game, players will take on the role of God and establish their own society.

Create your civilization 

Players will be able to select from a variety of civilisation possibilities throughout the game. Every civilisation is different from the next and will have its own set of laws and norms. The success of the civilisation the player builds will be up to the player.

Multiple Language Support 

French, German, Spanish, and many other languages are among the ten that may be used to play the game interface. The UI, complete audio, and subtitles are all accessible in English for the game.

The Universim is undoubtedly one of the many simulation games that have been dominating the market. The game, which is also compatible with the Steam cloud, has been classified as an independent simulation strategy game. For a bug- and error-free gameplay experience, be sure to always keep your game updated.

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NameThe Universim
Initial Release DateAug 2018
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Linux, macOS
ModSingle Player
GenresGod game, Indie game, Early Access, Life simulation game, Simulation Game, Simulation, Strategy
CategoryPC Games >Simulation