For when you’re exhausted and don’t want to enjoy a serious game or the sort that will require some investment to get done and are ravenous for an outdated arcade type insight, Sacred Citadel may be only the ticket. It tends to be delighted in with companions, pursuing it the ideal decision to hang out yet need to partake in a little gaming as well.

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acred Citadel, a side-looking over arcade battle game, permits players to get together with dependent upon three different heroes to safeguard their palace from the shrewd crowd. Pick either sword and-safeguard using people or war hammer-hauling dwarves as you take on all challengers to your palace in this legendary arcade experience. These and a lot more choices will exist in Sacred Citadel, a rising new norm for side-looking over brawler games.
Ancaria, a once quiet land attacked by the gray domain. Caught by the majestic power, the seraphim are by and large methodicallly killed by the Grimmoc, who have been enlisted as magnificent officers. Having been subjugated and abused for quite a long time, one gathering of seraphim organized an uprising which finished in their break from bondage.

Sacred Citadel Gameplay

The game is appropriate for beginner players. You should simply demonstrate your guts as a fighter, hack and slice your direction through swarms of beasts, and make a beeline for the end!

The Ashen Empire has chanced upon a better approach for releasing the dangerous Grimmocs into fight.

Play as one of four person classes – the Mage, the Captain, the Sniper, or the Berserker – each with a particular range of abilities and interactivity style that permit her to investigate old terrains on an individual mission to reestablish greatness to your country. As you fight against foes and new difficulties, you’ll slowly work on your abilities in battle and get close enough to new things which you can use to redo your symbol much further. There are likewise creatures in Sacred Citadel which can be utilized for land transport or might be taken into fight as far-fetched partners!


You can play in the multiplayer method of the game! From 3 players you will make your union against the royal power all the more impressive.

  • Hallowed Citadel Features
  • Unite to bring down up to three different players in center mode
  • Assume command over 1 out of 4 different individual person classes, each with their own arrangement of abilities.
  • Investigate the tremendous domain of Ankaria
  • Ride to fight on a loud horse and squash your foes with a conflict horse shielded with the best steel.
  • Lots of plunder!
  • Foster your own battling style by joining various weapons.

Gameplay Screenshots

NameSacred Citadel
Initial Release Date17 Apr, 2013
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherTHQ Nordic
Game Store L inkSacred Citadel

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  • OS:Vista/Win7
  • Processor:2GHz Dual Core
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 8600 or better, ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better
  • DirectX:9.0c
  • Additional:GPU Memory: 256MB