Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a definitive procedure big shot game and train test system! Control your own rail line realm from the earliest days of the rail lines through to the present day. You get to run trains, drive trains, fabricate stations, and pick the courses. Go on in this sim!



Train to turn into the most extravagant rail route big shot in Rail Country usa by dominating the specialized and beneficial sides of your rail line organization and contending with individual players around the world!

Rail Nation In this transport computer game by Travian Games, you start by building a fundamental train course through a little center point city. Then, at that point, you plan their courses, creation times, convey products like coal, bring in cash, and assemble extra lines to associate with an ever increasing number of American urban areas from New York to San Diego while developing your train station and rail route organization.

In the train reproduction game, interactivity will advance through six legitimate periods over the long haul. Every one of the 6 periods endures fourteen days and will advance whether individuals are effectively playing. Players are partitioned into gatherings of urban communities in the game, and every period offers more trains to browse and more ways of conveying cargo for benefit!

Work however many railroads and framework as you can to gather esteem focuses. You can do this by updating your rail framework, buying freight train or traveler train, conveying more products, putting resources into enterprises, or partaking in contests. Research current advances and look over 150 reasonable motors and trains. Feel the force of your group: Get along with different players in a strong partnership, overwhelm your game world, and lead your train realm to triumph!

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As well as pursuing significant key choices, players will likewise have to deal with their funds. For instance, players should guarantee that they pay workers for hire on time and utilize that cash to reinvest in the railroad to try not to stray into the red. There are various manners by which players can bring in cash in this game. For instance, players can put resources into new stations to build the quantity of merchandise that are shipped along the railroad lines. Besides, players can put resources into additional tracks and trains to expand how much travelers that are moved. Generall, Rail Country usa is a phenomenal time usage game that is appropriate for intrigued system gamers!


Very practical economy recreation
Six times of rail line history as you develop the rail business, with every period endures 14 days besides in express servers
Research ultramodern electric motors and advances
Experience noteworthy steam motors and browse 150 reasonable motors and trains
Three different game situations, with an exceptional train and rail line
Structure affiliations and enterprise with different players
Over 35+ sorts of trains with 48 special carts for transportation of cargo
Collaboration based game – Make a point to help out different players inside your city to find success!
Contend with 50 urban communities and be the primary city to send all merchandise in the sixth period to win!



System Requirements

Release Date05 October 2018
GenreMMO Time Management
Game DeveloperTravian Games
OSPC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size1 Mb

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