Good game Empire

Play as a middle age strong ruler in Good game Empire, an allowed to-play time usage war game! Investigate the realm game and grow your strong realm through exchanging, taking advantage of regular asset, or establishing new urban areas. Set up homesteads to take care of your kin, construct streets and mines to exchange assets. Demonstrate your value as a strong ruler!


Good game Empire In this MMO extraordinary system game set in bygone eras, you have been depended with your own special little palace. Your definitive objective is to grow it and transform it into an immense realm and domain!

Embark on an adventure across the empire four kingdoms

Construct your extraordinary domain by enlisting administrators, knights, bowmen, furnishing your soldiers with destructive weapons, and sending them into fight to overcome new terrains! Obviously, you’ll likewise require a strong protection – pick the right methodology to send the aggressors’ running!

Glory, honor, and riches galore

Be compensated by accomplishing honor and magnificence in fight, and go from poverty to newfound wealth by dealing with your realm asset admirably. Develop your stronghold from the beginning become the most remarkable ruler. Produce assets and exchange with different players to grow your strong realm. More land implies more subjects and characters – and more gold for you!

Strategic and versatile battle system

A middle age domain can’t exist without foes. This is when domains are battling for predominance, and gamers will be supposed to partake in legendary fights. Goodgame Realm includes a key and flexible fight framework and north of 50 military units to utilize.

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Forge powerful diplomatic alliances

You can unite with other player(s) to overcome your adversaries and vanquish new grounds together! Help each other by sending assets or troops, or remake after adversary assaults.

This archaic methodology MMO transports you back to an age when power was everything and hands down the most grounded made due. Demonstrate that you have the stuff to be the mightiest and most decent lord in all the land! Assemble and manage your own domain, vanquish lands, accumulate cash and ruby while guarding your wealth against adversary assaults. Building a strong armed force will allow you to produce partnerships and gain an extraordinary domain! Vanquish your foes and be the most impressive lord in this allowed to-play technique MMO now!


  • Profound procedure using time productively interactivity
  • Assemble your own grand palace
  • Many missions and day to day assignments
  • Take on intriguing conflicts with over 50+ different military units
  • Partake in amazing PvP fights for an area and assets
  • Make your realm with over 60+ various structures with numerous redesign levels
  • Ordinary in-game occasions
  • Partnership and settlement framework one of a kind to Goodgame Domain
  • Enormous and lively local area with more than 80+ million players around the world, accessible on
  • Strife and Youtube
  • Strong and adjustable hardware things

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System Requirements

Release Date16 February 2016
GenreMMO Time Management
Game DeveloperGoodgame Studios
OSPC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size2 Mb

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