Free PC Game VERSUS The Deathscapes

Who doesn’t enjoy playing a game featuring spaceships and aliens? The majority of players adore open-world, future-based games because they provide them unlimited freedom to act whatever they choose without any constraints. The Deathscapes video game will satisfy all of the players’ demands. The game is futuristic and enjoyable for everyone to play. On the Steam platform, you may now get it.

What is VERSUS: The Deathscapes about? 

The game begins with a new menace appearing on the planet Versus, forcing players and their companions to venture into the terrifying Deathscapes in order to live. The game was created and produced by Choice of Games, and it was made available on May 27, 2021.

With more than 100 Steam milestones to unlock, players will be able to play the game solo. Only the UI and subtitles are accessible in English for the game. This game is an action-adventure casual indie role-playing game, according to the developers.


When the game first begins, there is a new menace on the planet, and you must flee. Players will eventually discover all of Versus’s mysteries. Players will finish their hunt for Dhanthik, the wandering warrior. Players will have to find a path so that they are reborn or they will end up getting perished on the Versus planet.

It is so much fun to play because the game’s designers used the most up-to-date technology that was accessible to them. Ensure that the game is always updated to provide gamers with a bug-free gameplay experience.

Features of VERSUS: The Deathscapes 

As the game opens, a new menace is appearing on the planet, forcing you to flee. All of Versus’s mysteries will eventually be revealed to players. To resurrect Dhanthik the forgotten warrior, players will finish their search. Players must discover a way to be reincarnated; else, they would perish on the Versus planet.

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It is so much pleasure to play because the game’s designers used the most up-to-date technology that was made accessible to them. To provide gamers with a bug-free gaming experience, maintain the game updated at all times.

Different Gender Identifications to choose from 

Players can choose to play as a homosexual, straight, bi, pan, or ace when they first begin this game. The game offers players a wide variety of gender identities to select from.

Romance focused Prologue 

Players must carefully study the game’s romance-focused prologue to have a better comprehension of the overall plot.

Alternate Game Endings Players can choose from a variety of game endings in this choice-based game. The decisions that players make during the game will determine how it ends. To experience all of the game’s many endings, players should play it more than once.

Available on Multiple platforms 

On a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Steam + Linux, this game is playable. The game’s creators intended it to be played all around the world, so they made it as adaptable as they could.

The long-awaited conclusion to The Versus Trilogy has fallen short of what players had hoped it would provide. You should give it a try if you’ve played the other two Tribology games. The game’s open-world settings are thought to make it extremely adaptable.


VERSUS The Deathscapes PC Game Download

NameVERSUS The Deathscapes
Initial Release DateMay 27, 2021
PlatformsAndroid, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS
DeveloperChoice of Games
PublisherChoice of Games
ModSingle Player
GenresRole-playing game, Indie game, Action game, Casual game, Adventure
CategoryPC Games >Adventure