Tekken 3 for Pc is a battling game, the third portion in the Tekken series. It was delivered at the arcade in Walk 1997, and for PlayStation in 1998. The first arcade rendition of the game was delivered in 2005 for PlayStation 2 as a feature of the Arcade History method of Tekken 5. This game was re-given in 2018 as a feature of the Sony PlayStation Exemplary.

Tekken 3 Game offers a progression of new characters, including the presentation of a few characters that are currently inescapable like Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fierceness, Vortex Gordo, and Hwoarang, for a sum of 23 characters. The home variant incorporates a new beat’em up mode called Tekken Power, as well as a Tekken Ball reward mode.

Tekken 3 for PC has been promoted as one of the most amazing computer games ever. With in excess of 8 million duplicates sold around the world, Tekken 3 is the fourth top of the line PlayStation game. It was trailed by Tekken 4 in the arcade and on PlayStation 2 out of 2001 and 2002, separately.


Tekken 3 Game for PC keeps up with similar fundamental fight framework and ideas as its ancestor. While the profundity component is generally unimportant in past Tekken games (aside from specific characters with exceptional evades and staying away from moves), Tekken 3 spotlights on the third hub, permitting characters to conceal inside or outside the foundation. Warriors currently leap to levels that check out than the past game, which makes them less exceptional and utilizes more detour evading, on the grounds that the leaps can never again keep away from any ground assaults. New upgrades incorporate quicker knockdown recuperation, really handling and unsteadiness, additional shuffling developments and new combos sent off.

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Tekken 3 computer Game presents their beat-up scaled down game called “Tekken Power”, which matches players against adversaries in different stages by looking over evenly. This idea was created in a scaled down game for Tekken 4 and supplanted Satan Inside crusade mode in Tekken 5. Another little game is known as “Tekken Ball”, like ocean side volleyball, where you need to stir things up around town with a solid assault. smash the rival, or give him a punishment, harm it by allowing the ball to fall an in the rival’s area.


Fifteen years after the Iron Boxing Ruler competition, Heihachi Mishima made the Tekken Power: a paramilitary association committed to safeguarding Mishima Zaibatsu. Because of the impact of the organization, Heihachi is answerable for some occasions that at last lead to world harmony. At some point, a Tekken Power armed force unit exhumed an old sanctuary situated in Mexico as a feature of an unearthing project. Soon after showing up there, Heihachi discovered that they had been obliterated by a strange and fiendish animal known as the Monstrosity. Heihachi, in the wake of getting the Beast momentarily prior to vanishing, attempted to catch the Monstrosity in the desire for using his extraordinary battling strength for individual addition. Presently, different realized military specialists wind up dying, went after, or lost from everywhere the world, with the Monster behind everything.

Jun Kazama carried on with a peaceful life in Yakushima with his young child, Jin Kazama, the dad of the occasions of the past competition by Heihachi’s child, Kazuya Mishima. In any case, their serene life was upset when Jun started to feel Orge’s unavoidable presence and realize that he was presently an objective. Jun requests that Jin search for Heihachi assuming something occurs. After Jin’s fifteenth birthday celebration, the Monster went after. Against Jun’s desires, Jin bravely attempted to battle the Beast, yet he made him oblivious. At the point when Jin awakened, he found that the land around his home had burst into flames and that his mom was missing and could bite the dust. Energized by retribution, Jin faces Satan, who stamps and has Jin’s left arm. Jin goes to meet his granddad, Heihachi, who clarifies what is happening for him and requests that he practice to be sufficiently able to confront the Monstrosity. Heihachi acknowledged and encouraged Jin, and sent him to Mishima Secondary School where Jin met his colleagues named Ling Xiaoyu and his number one Panda.

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After four years, Jin dominated Mishima’s karate style. Jin’s nineteenth birthday celebration, Heihachi reported the Ruler of Iron Clench hand 3 competition, and Jin himself was getting ready for the following fight, not realizing that his granddad was furtively utilizing it, Xiaoyu, and the others. Contenders as lure to haul the Beast out.

Minimum System Requirements:

Video Card: 16 MBHard disk space: 100 MBCPU: Pentium 3DirectX: Version 8.0Processor: 266 MHzMemory RAM: 128 MBOperating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7Mouse and keyboardSound Card: Sound card compatible with Windows

Tekken 3 Pc Game Screenshots:

How To Install?

  • Extract the file with Winrar. (Download Winrar)
  • Open the “Tekken 3 – ThePcGames” >> folder “games”.
  • Click on the “Register Tekken” button to add a small piece of information for recording the computer.
  • After that, double-click the “Tekken” icon to play the game.
  • After that run game without installation. (No installation required)