Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter Prepare to shoot attacking outsiders in this activity pressed shooter game! You won’t ever know what’s sneaking around the following corner – so look out!


Outsider Shooter is an exhilarating and activity pressed free shooting match-up created by Sigma Group!

The instant transportation door has been opened and outsider animals are flooding the long sections of a tactical complex. They’re immersing its workplaces, storage facilities, and labs – it’s an outsider attack! You’re the main desire to save the world from vast rushes of insidious foes! Your central goal is straightforward – clear the base and stop the outsider intrusion.

A player might settle on a male person or a female person, each with five details: Strength, Exactness, Wellbeing, Flight, and Speed. Male characters have higher strength, can fly farther, and have better wellbeing details, while female characters are quicker and more exact.

To prevent the beast foe from getting through the magically transports, you’ll have to utilize explosives to shoot your direction in! There will be fixed firearms close by to assist you with holding the region. At later levels, outsiders continue to bring forth unendingly from instant transportation gadgets! You can dispose of them by exploding unique explosives spread around the level.

Outsider adversaries drop plunder that incorporates gold, wellbeing, projectiles, and different things. You can buy strong weapons and long-lasting detail overhauls in the game’s shop between levels! Overhaul your gun to an automatic rifle or a great blaster for most extreme lethality!

Outsider Shooter will make them return for more with its heart-beating activity and emotional ongoing interaction. With reasonable designs and a spellbinding story, this game makes certain to become one of your #1 repulsiveness games. Outsider Shooter isn’t for weak willed – however on the off chance that you’re searching for a spine-shivering experience that will keep you engaged for a really long time, it’s an ideal decision.

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Obliterate the outsider intruder with your dependable weapon and carry outsiders to their destruction! Play Outsider Shooter free at this point.


  • North of 1,000 beasts on each guide with 100 beasts at the same time charging towards you
  • Over 10+ testing missions and endurance mode
  • 9+ lethal upgradable weapons
  • Easy to use control plans with auto-point choice
  • Responsive music which assists with driving the activity

Alien Shooter Cheats

To utilize bypass you should type it during game.

  • cheate – complete level
  • cheath – gives in addition to 1000 hp
  • cheatw – gives all weapons
  • cheata – gives in addition to 1000 ammunition

In the shop

cheatm – gives 50 000 cash



Screen shot

System Requirements

Release Date23 September 2011
Game DeveloperSigma Team
OSPC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size20 Mb

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